Our Approach

Some areas that we hope to reform are as follows:

  1. Nursing home admissions;
  2. Probate processes that are too slow to offer the protection necessary;
  3. The need for additional resources for our Probate System; the Nursing Home Ombudsman; and our Elderly and Disability Protective Services;
  4. Additional reforms in the Durable Power of Attorney Act that will further strengthen protections beyond those reforms made in 2016;
  5. New and additional causes of action and penalties – both civil and criminal – to deter Nursing Home staff and families or designated power of attorney holders who facilitate abuse and exploitation, and who look the other way when they see it; and,
  6. Additional legal protections to deter nursing homes and other medical providers from using pharmaceutical restraints to enfeeble and control those under their care.

Join us at Center for Disability Rights – CT to achieve these objectives. To make a contribution, or to volunteer to help advocate, contact info@cdr-ct.org or call (203) 934-7077.

This is for you Angie!

Next Steps…

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